PEEK Products (ZL®1500 Series)

PEEK  is a high temperature resistant material which exhibits a unique combination of:
Good bearing and wear resistance, continuous use temperature up to 480ºF, heat deflection temperature up to 320ºF, retains good mechanical properties at temperature, excellent chemical resistance., (including steam), excellent stability (H2O absorption and CLTE), excellent resistance to high energy radiation and FDA compliant.                                                                                                                                      
Fast fact: PEEK has replaced higher cost imidized materials in applications such as down-hole electrical connectors due to its excellent chemical and steam resistance.
Typical industries served: Conveying equipment, automotive, aerospace, food processing, medical & pharmaceutical equipment, forestry & pulp/paper processing
Typical applications: Bearings, bushings, solenoid blocks, hinge pins, wear pads, scraper blades, dispensing heads, cams, pistons, handles, pump parts, washers, sprockets & gears

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