PET Products (ZL® 1400 series)

PET also known as thermoplastic polyester, offers excellent wear and abrasion resistance in wet or dry environments. PET displays good hardness, stiffness and strength along with superb sliding
properties. Good creep resistance, combined with low moisture absorption, it makes an excellent material choice for complex parts requiring excellent dimensional stability and surface quality. It also exhibits excellent resistance to acids and stain resistance.
Fast fact: PET combines the wear resistance of nylon with the dimensional stability of acetal, plus wears well in both wet and dry environments.
Typical industries served: Conveying equipment, automotive, aerospace, food processing, medical & pharmaceutical equipment, forestry & pulp/paper processing
Typical applications: Bearings, bushings, solenoid blocks, hinge pins, wear pads, scraper blades,
dispensing heads, cams, pistons, handles, pump parts, washers, sprockets & gears

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