ZL® 1400T (Internally Lubricated PET)

Internally Lubricated PET

ZL® 1400 T is an internally lubricated Bearing Grade PET containing evenly dispersed solid 

lubricant. ZL®1400 T exhibits much higher wear resistance, lower coefficient of friction, and the 

lowest “slip-stick” of all standard engineering plastics.Due to its unique ability to wear against soft metal surfaces, (aluminum, stainless steel) without causing excessive wear on these expensive materials, this FDA compliant material is often used in critical food processing applications.

ZL® 1400 T is light grey in color. It is stocked in metric footprints.

Rod : Stocked from 6mm - 160mm diameters              

Plate : Stocked from 8mm - 100mm thickness                                               

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