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ZL® Acetal Products

ZL® 900 U ELS (Conductive Acetal Copolymer)

Conductive Acetal Copolymer

ZL’s “ground breaking” proprietary Nanotechnology insures that the important properties of copolymer acetal remain unchanged. It outperforms commonly available grades using up to 40% of carbon fibers which reduce the stiffness and yield strength by as much as 50%. ZL® 900 U ELS has very low surface resistivity of 103 to 104 and the volume resistivity of 104 cm.

ZL® 900 U ELS is black in color and available on a made-to-order basis.

Rod            Standard Length        Plate             Format

1/4" - 6"              10'                    3/8" - 2"        24"x48" *Larger sheet footprints available on special request*                                                    

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