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PEEK Products (ZL®1500 Series)

PEEK is a high temperature resistant material which exhibits a unique combination of:

Good bearing and wear resistance.

Continuous use temperature up to 480°F.

Heat defection temperature up to 320°F.

Retains good mechanical properties at temperature.

Excellent chemical resistance. (Including steam)

Excellent stability. (H20 absorption and CLTE)

Excellent resistance to high energy radiation.

FDA compliant.

ZL® 1500 X (PEEK)

ZL® 1500 X (PEEK)

ZL® 1500 X is ZL’s new PEEK grade which outperforms the standard PEEK grade (ZL® 1500).

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ZL® 1500 (PEEK)

ZL® 1500 (PEEK)

ZL® 1500 is standard grade virgin unfilled PEEK.

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