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20" diameter acetal rod STOCKED

ZL stocks up to 20" diameter acetal rod

ZL Engineering Plastics STOCKS up to 20"  diameter acetal copolymer rod ! Benefits of utilizing larger diameter rod for fabricators is to increase yields and lower out-the-door costs. In the past when large round profiles were needed for a project, fabricators were limited to cutting profiles out of plate which could result in poor yields and wasted time on excessive machining . ZL's larger diameter rod (4" and above) can be purchased by the foot, and can also be provided as cut-to-size saving distributors and fabricators time and money! Along with 20" diameter, ZL also stocks 12", 14", 16", 18" diameter acetal copolymer solid rod. Acetal tube is also available ranging from 25mm OD x 10mm ID up to 500mm OD x 375mm ID. Contact your ZL representative for current acetal tube availability. 

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