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"Just Blue" Acetal Copolymer

Blue Acetal Copolymer Stocked by ZL

Do you really need to pay a premium for metal detectable blue acetal copolymer, or does the application require JUST BLUE ACETAL?? Now you have a cost effective and “off the shelf” material when a project requires FDA/USDA compliant blue acetal. ZL has now started production on FDA/USDA compliant blue acetal copolymer out of our Lenexa, KS production facility! Blue acetal has typically been the prefered color for applications in food processing industries due to better visibility of potential part contaminants, but the lack of availability may have caused distributers, fabricators and end users to purchase more expensive grades to simply meet the blue material requirements. ZL® 900 Blue is the material of choice when your application requires a low stress, FDA/USDA compliant, and cost effective blue acetal copolymer.

ZL also offers metal detectable PLUS antimicrobial acetal copolymer (ZL® 900 XMD AB) in sapphire blue on a custom run basis. Contact ZL for further information regarding your application requirements and stocked sizes. 

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